SciPap, Volume 29, Issue 3 (2021)

Open Access Article SciPap-1355
Evaluation of Selected Indicators of Health Care in the Context of Health care Systems: Case of 27 European Union Countries
by Renata Halásková, Pavel Bednář

Abstract: Healthcare in European countries is provided through different systems run at national levels. The aim of the article is to evaluate selected health care indicators in EU countries, while accentuating similarities and differences between the EU countries in the context of health care systems. Applying the method of multivariate analysis, the selected health care indicators (from the areas of financing, service provision, health status) are evaluated on a set of 27 EU countries in the period 2013-2018. Factor analysis was applied to generate two factors (i.e. expenditures and satisfaction with health care, health status and bed availability in hospitals) from the original indicators of health care. As a next step, hierarchical cluster analysis was utilised to divide the EU countries into six clusters by similarity of the health care factors. The results of the factor analysis demonstrate marked differences between the countries regarding the evaluated health care factors. A higher (lower) level of socio-economic development is the aspect of better (worse) results of health care in the majority of the countries evaluated. However, according to the evaluated health care factors, clusters of similar countries used different systems of health care by type and source of financing. The findings thus demonstrate both similar and different approaches towards the provision of health care and funding health care systems in EU countries.
Keywords: Methods Of Multivariate Analysis, Health Care Systems, Health Care Indicators, Health Care Financing, Health Care
JEL classification: C38, H51, I15, I18

Open Access Article SciPap-1323
Aligning Enterprise Performance Goals and Pay Motivational Design in Forest Enterprises, Transcarpathia, Ukraine
by Svitlana Slava, Vladyslava Puhinska

Abstract: This paper suggests a way of aligning two economically related, but sometimes antinomic in interests goals: enterprise performance indicators and respectively connected pay system using goal-based motivational design. Responding to this, the aspects of enterprise performance/pay relations are analysed through the links specifically between net revenue and labour productivity, from one side, and structural components of remuneration, from the other. The sample includes nineteen public forest enterprises, in Transcarpathia, Western Ukraine, and represents the total number of the forest enterprises with similar activities. The research results contribute to the enterprise performance-pay theorisation by adding (1) a generalised regional relational model aiming at measuring functionality of existing connections between enterprise performance and structural components of total wage remunerations, and (2) developed an adaptive regional relational model of enterprise-goals-linked pay with differentiated levels of defined links.
Keywords: Transcarpathia, Remuneration Structure, Enterprise-Performance-Related Pay, Ukraine
JEL classification: J31, R19, Q23

Open Access Article SciPap-1268
A Bibliometric Analysis of Artificial Intelligence Technique in Financial Market
by Zuzana Janková

Abstract: This article aims to explore the main areas of research, development trends and provide a systematic overview of publications in the field of artificial intelligence in financial markets. The bibliometric tool VOSViewer is used in this paper. We analyzed 353 articles and contributions obtained from the database of Web of Science, and summarized our findings as follows: artificial intelligence is becoming increasingly widespread in the field of finance and interdisciplinary interconnection; artificial intelligence tools such as neural networks and fuzzy logic are most often used to predict the development of financial time series, or to create decision models; the most important cited authors in this field are Markowitz and Lebaron. Expert System with Application is the cradle of a significant part of fundamental research in the field of artificial intelligence. By using effective bibliometric methods, we provide comprehensive analysis and in-depth insight into the subject area of research, which allows individuals and especially new beginners interested in this area to obtain valuable information and possible direction of future research. The study is recommended to focus on hybrid models prediction of individual sectors of the financial markets, which are present in the current research on the rise.
Keywords: Stock Market., Financial Market, Bibliometric Analysis, Ai, Artificial Intelligence, Neural Network, Ann, Fuzzy Logic
JEL classification: G12, G15, G17