Guidelines for authors

By submitting the paper, the authors agree with the following facts:

  • The submitted manuscript is thematically suited to the focus of the journal (Aims and Scope).
  • The submitted manuscript must be prepared in *.docx (Microsoft Word) and meet the formal requirements (see below). There is no need to follow a specific template when submitting your manuscript.
  • The submitted manuscript is an original, previously unpublished work.
  • All authors agree to publish the manuscript.
  • The manuscript is written in English on a sufficient level.
  • The manuscript is submitted to the review procedure.
  • The submitted manuscript must be anonymised, ie. it does not contain the names and affiliation of the authors.
  • In case of acceptance after a positive review process, the authors are obliged to pay the article processing charge (APC). The deadline for payment of the article processing charge is 14 days from its request (acceptance for publication). Discount vouchers received for reviewing for our journal can be applied for up to the full charge.
  • The authors have the option to submit the manuscript to the editor, or just save it as a draft. The draft will be automatically deleted after 60 days. The day before the expiry of this period, the author is notified of this fact by automatic email.
  • The submitted manuscript can be returned to the authors for further processing (Editorial Process). In this case, the following time limits are set for completion:
    • if the manuscript is returned by the editor at the initial check, the author has 7 days to resubmit.
    • if the review process results in a minor revision request, the author has 14 days to resubmit.
    • if the review process results in a major revision request, the author has 28 days to resubmit.
    • if the manuscript is returned to make final adjustments before publishing, the author has 7 days to edit.
  • The revised manuscript has revision tracking turned on to make clear which changes have been made to the manuscript.
  • The article is published under an open license.
  • In case of acceptance for publishing, the authors are obliged to prepare the manuscript according to the template they receive together with the decision.
  • The authors are aware of the publication ethics of the journal and willl follow them.

Manuscript submitting process

  • Submission of the manuscript is carried out using the information system on the website
  • It is necessary to use one of the modern web browsers (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge). Internet Explorer is not supported.
  • At least one author must be registered (Register option in the upper right corner) in order to submit a manuscript.
  • After logging into the system, the author has the option to upload a manuscript by clicking the option “Submit Manuscript” in the journal menu or by selecting the same option in the “Submission menu” in the administration part of the system (option MY PROFILE in the upper right corner).
  • Then the submitting author fills in the displayed form. Specifically:
    • select the area where the manuscript fits best,
    • write the title of the manuscript,
    • writes an abstract of 150-200 words,
    • choose 5-7 keywords,
    • select the appropriate JEL code(s),
    • specify the number of pages of the manuscript,
    • specifies all co-authors in the correct order (click  to add co-authors, click  to remove co-authors or drag  to specify the order of authors),
    • uploads the anonymized manuscript itself (docx),
    • has the option to write a comment to the editor (cover letter) - optional,
    • must agree with this document, incl. the fact that the article will be published under an open license.
  • If the manuscript has been returned for revision, the author should follow the instructions provided in the email. Alternatively, the author has the option "My Manuscripts" in the "Submission Menu".
  • In the case of a positive review process, the authors are obliged to pay an article processing charge. The procedure is as follows:
    • In the "My Manuscripts" tab in the "Submission Menu", the author selects the manuscript (by clicking on the title).
    • If the authors have any discount vouchers, they can redeem them up to the full amount of the article processing charge (in the case of 100% discount, the author skips the following steps). Discount vouchers exceeding the APC amount are non-refundable and indivisible.
    • Fills in billing information.
    • The authors either pay directly by card or request bank transfer.
  • If the manuscript has been returned for revision, the authors are asked to respond to the review comments before uploading the revised version. Authors are obliged to write a reaction to all reviews.

Formal Requirements


We only accept papers in English at a sufficient level.

Paper Structure

Title (in APA Style Title Capitalization). Abstract (150 – 200 words). Keywords (5 – 7 keywords). Codes of JEL Classification

Introduction. Literature Review. Methods. Results. Discussion. Conclusion. References.

Main Text Format

The paper should be written in MS Word (docx).


References/sources presented at the end of a submission should be prepared according to the APA citation style (sorted alphabetically).

The literature sources of the manuscript must include as many cited journals from Web of Science (Thomson Reuters) or SCOPUS as possible (normally, not less than 20 articles).

In-Text Citations

Literature references in the text should carry the author’s surname and year of publication in round brackets according to the APA Style Author–Date Citation System. Example: (Smith, 2015), (Marek, 2019). Should two or more documents have the same reference data, small letters may be used to differentiate them (Smith, 2015a and Smith, 2015b).


Copyright and Licensing

For all articles published in SciPap, copyright is retained by the authors. Articles are licensed under an open access Creative Commons CC BY 4.0 license, meaning that anyone may download and read the paper for free.