Open Access Article SciPap-1167
Regional Dimensions of Human Capital and Economic Growth: A Review of Empirical Research
by Stefan Rehak 1,* iD icon

1 Department of Public Administration and Regional Development, University of Economics in Bratislava, Dolnozemska cesta 1, Bratislava 85219, Slovakia

* Authors to whom correspondence should be addressed.

Abstract: Intuition thus tells us that the relationship between human capital and economic growth at the regional level is more complex compared to the national level. The aim of this article is to survey the theoretical and empirical approaches of the relationship between human capital and economic growth at the regional level. We selected all articles in top scientific journals whose authors used the term human capital in their keywords. The total sample consists of 21 articles from the Journal of Economic Geography, 46 articles in Regional Studies, 35 articles in Papers in Regional Science and 4 articles in Economic Geography. The theoretical and empirical research at the regional level highlights the role of interregional migration, and the role of human capital in externalities in dense urban agglomerations. The greater complexity of the economic processes associated with the accumulation of human capital in the regions requires policies tailored to the needs of the regions.

Keywords: Human Capital, Regional Policy, Regional Economic Growth, Externalities, Migration

JEL classification:   J24 - Human Capital • Skills • Occupational Choice • Labor Productivity,   R11 - Regional Economic Activity: Growth, Development, Environmental Issues, and Changes,   R23 - Regional Migration • Regional Labor Markets • Population • Neighborhood Characteristics

SciPap 2020, 28(4), 1167;

Received: 1 October 2020 / Accepted: 19 November 2020 / Published: 4 December 2020