Open Access Article SciPap-1622
The Impact of the Covid-19 Pandemic Aspects on the Quality of Health Services in Jordan
by Rula Hani Alhalaseh 1,* iD icon and Sumayya Maaiatah 2

1 Business, Mutah University, Mutah University, Business School, 61710 Karak-Jordan, Karak 61710, Jordan

2 Business, Mutah University, Mutah University, Business School, 61710 Karak-Jordan, Karak 61710, Jordan

* Authors to whom correspondence should be addressed.

Abstract: This study is a combination between quality management and crisis management within a vital sector, i.e., the health sector, which requires continuous improvement and sustainability of its services that guarantee quality standards. This study aims to investigate the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on the quality of health services in Jordan. An electronic national survey was designed and distributed after conducting the pilot study consisting of 50 respondents. The data was collected from 334 COVID-19-infected patients and non-infected patients who benefited from the medical services in Jordan. The results of the SEM-PLS confirm a statistically significant positive impact of Corona pandemic on the quality of health services. In addition, it shows a high agreement on the health service quality level. This study concludes that Jordan, like the countries of the Eastern Mediterranean and North Africa (MENA), has suffered from the effects of the Corona virus, and this crisis creates many challenges and threats to its healthcare systems. Therefore, researchers pointed out some recommendations for top management and decision-makers that the government should formulate flexible and long-term health strategies that can deal with sudden events and situations, guided by the information from this study.

Keywords: Quality Management, Jordan, Quality Of Health Services, Corona Pandemic

JEL classification:   C12 - Hypothesis Testing: General,   H11 - Structure, Scope, and Performance of Government,   H75 - State and Local Government: Health • Education • Welfare • Public Pensions,  I0 - General,   I18 - Government Policy • Regulation • Public Health,  M1 - Business Administration,   M11 - Production Management

SciPap 2022, 30(3), 1622;

Received: 26 November 2022 / Revised: 16 January 2023 / Accepted: 16 January 2023 / Published: 25 January 2023