Open Access Article SciPap-899
IT Utilization Rate When Determining Corporate Strategic Goals
by Romana Hajkrová 1,*

1 Faculty of Business and Management, Department of Management, Brno University of Technology, Kolejní 2906/4, Brno 61200, Czechia

* Authors to whom correspondence should be addressed.

Abstract: This article assesses current level of the information support tools for a specific area of the corporate process. Under this area we understand strategic planning and determination of corporate strategic goals. The mentioned area is perceived quite differently by the plant owner than for instance employee of the same company. But the fact is that this area is the major axis that passes through the entire corporate structure and, if set correctly, it is the very key to success and especially to long-term development and stability of the company. From the historical point of view, creation of corporate strategic objectives was a certain foretelling from the crystal ball for a number of managers, depending on the corporate life cycle phase, or stereotypical raising the goals. Based on this way created corporate strategic goals, it is not surprising that fulfilment of these objectives reflects the reality rather by accident in many cases. Creating truly realistic strategic goals of the company with respect to its life cycle is a much more complex process and therefore one wonders at the low level of responsibility applied by certain managers to it.

Keywords: Analysis, Information Technologies, Strategic Goals, Strategic Plans, Company / Plant, Software

JEL classification:   M15 - IT Management,   M21 - Business Economics

SciPap 2017, 25(3), 899

Received: 24 December 2016 / Accepted: 23 October 2017 / Published: 5 December 2017