Open Access Article SciPap-831
A Firm and Its Environment – Managerial and Regional Theories Matching
by Ivana Mandysová 1,*

1 Faculty of Economics and Administration, Institute of Economic Sciences, University of Pardubice, Studenská 84, Pardubice 532 10, Czechia

* Authors to whom correspondence should be addressed.

Abstract: The aim of the article is to examine the nature and forms of different scientific approaches towards “firm” and its “environment” in order to match managerial and regional theories. The theoretical framework has been challenged by ideas derived from research studies of regional economists, as well as managerial and behavioral theorists. The article consists of two parts; the first builds the theoretical framework for matching managerial and regional sciences. By conceptualizing different theoretical approaches the critical approach has been generated. The mutual interaction between manager and environment is tested and modeled in the second half of this article. It creates framework through empirical research of firms in the regional environment. Qualitative study has generated hypotheses during the research. Firm´ environment has been divided into fragments (customers, suppliers, human resources, state and legislation and financial resources). By examining relationship between the firm and the environment article identifies possible underlying pro-growth sources, summarizes the analysis results and provides implications for the further research.

Keywords: Firm, Environment, Regional Theories, Managerial Theories, Behavioral Theories

JEL classification:  D2 - Production and Organizations,   D21 - Firm Behavior: Theory,   D22 - Firm Behavior: Empirical Analysis,  R1 - General Regional Economics

SciPap 2016, 24(3), 831

Received: 31 August 2016 / Accepted: 28 November 2016 / Published: 21 December 2016