Open Access Article SciPap-760
An Analytical Hierarchy Process Model for the Evaluation of the E-Government Development
by Renata Máchová 1,*

1 Faculty of Economics and Administration, Institute of System Engineering and Informatics, University of Pardubice, Studenská 84, Pardubice 53210, Czechia

* Authors to whom correspondence should be addressed.

Abstract: With the increasing number, variety and effects of modern technologies, e-government needs to define a new evaluation model that fits their requirements and operations. Therefore, this paper presents an example on solving the e-government development evaluation problem using the Analytical Hierarchy Process method. The proposed model consists of criteria identified through the comparison of the selected e-government indices, including the new approaches such as cloud computing, open data, social media, etc. A case study is presented to demonstrate the usefulness of this model to solve multiple criteria decision making problems.

Keywords: Ahp, Decision Making, E-Government Evaluation, E-Government Indices

JEL classification:   C43 - Index Numbers and Aggregation,   C44 - Operations Research • Statistical Decision Theory,   H11 - Structure, Scope, and Performance of Government,   H83 - Public Administration • Public Sector Accounting and Audits,   L86 - Information and Internet Services • Computer Software

SciPap 2015, 23(2), 760

Received: 11 December 2014 / Accepted: 2 September 2015 / Published: 16 September 2015